Our Story

Hello there, and a warm welcome to you!

Allow me to introduce you to Atelier Denimoz, the brainchild of Christiane Rodrigues, a seasoned professional in the realm of fashion. With years of experience working for renowned companies and strutting the catwalks at Fashion Week Brazil, Christiane has honed her expertise in textiles, tailoring, and all things Jeans Wear.

The concept behind Denimoz was born from a simple yet powerful idea – to create a haven where diversity and free creation reigns supreme. We're all about catering to the needs of discerning consumers who crave exclusivity and handmade craftsmanship.


Unique for you

At Denimoz, nothing is standard. In addition to our existing range of products, we're passionate about bringing your unique visions to life. So, whether you have a specific dream in mind or simply want something that screams 'you', just drop us a line, and together, we'll turn your desires into reality.

If you have any questions or simply fancy a chat, don't hesitate to reach out – I'm here and eager to help in any way I can.

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